LAUNCH of New e-Shop in South Africa!

LAUNCH ZA Official Distributor Reseller

Welcome to to South Africa’s newest most up-to-date legitimate dinkum authorised online store, or e-shop. This is the e-commerce channel for the official distributor, Workshop Support Services CC based in Benoni, South Africa. 

Every product here is the current latest model of Genuine legally imported LAUNCH™ products.

All our products are legit, meaning they come with the genuine manufacturer’s warranty

Don’t even try buy a grey import, these professional tools are far too expensive to risk having no warranty. The grey’s may say you get a warranty but its likely their own warranty and just try claim on it, good luck. 

LAUNCH™ China knows our name.  We are part of the official distribution channel. No, not the other company with a similar name to our brand. They proclaim to be the sole importers and then proceed to sell buyers some other discontinued brand. And they tell buyers the LAUNCH™ brand is discontinued. Utter NONSENSE. Please do not fall victim to that deceptive business zero ethics practice. 

Our products are THE real brand, formally and officially imported direct from the Manufacturer.  

View our official distributor certificate 

You can finally buy LAUNCH™ with confidence in South Africa.

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Finance Now Available !!!

Our finance provider assists you with business finance up to 60 months, the best  from 80  providers.   Smart Idea:  Pay say R1500 odd for 60 months and generate easy extra new 20k++  a month (or week) offering top-end diagnostic services to other auto shops in your region. 
Act Now” !!     Read more about financing below, how & why.
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